zondag 23 februari 2014

Billy's DIY

One day I got a call from Robby who has the numero 13 skateshop.
He told me they were planning to built a little bowl in one of his shop riders  backyard and if we were interested to be a part of the construction and to provide them with pool coping .
Without thinking we said yes (ofcourse) and I went to look at the project later that week.
As it turns out they where going to build  inside a little shed and it already looked very promising.
The concrete was ordered for next saturday and volunteers where asked to help.
D day arrived  and so did the concrete which all got dumped in Billy's living room and then with the help off buckets got poured in place and hand stacked.
Benne ,Mikjel and Bruno  who work in the skateparkbuilding industry (concrete-dreams   and concreteflow) are some off the capable hands to master the concrete and made this bowl what it is today.

Later that week me and kwinten returned to install the pool coping.
The rest is history, hopefully this little gem stays around for a while and sees many sessions !

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