maandag 24 maart 2014

Confusion #8

Confusion #8 is out!! Including a double page foto review from the Rampjam made by the Wimme/ Bluestone diy project from our OZ friends and loads more gnarly shit! Order it on or by it in Belgium at: #13 skateshop/Twits/Lockwood/Ride All Day or Brabo's Hand Tat Shop!!
Support the underground or save your money for new Nike's!!

Concrete Dreams

Some of us are working with Concrete Dreams as well.
Their next project includes 18 meters of our round ones
and possibly some parking blocks!!!
Check their facebook to stay tuned.

Cruise & Booze

Our extension got killed pretty hard in Eindhoven a couple weeks ago, here's a couple pics and a video.
Fuck steel, grind crete!